ME/CFS Diary 5: GET Review

Welcome back to ME Diary 5! I went to the hospital on 24th January and I reviewed with my physio, how my GET was going.

You can see below my targets and how I achieved them. I was successful with my bed time and waking up (within a 1 hour period of the aimed time). Although, with the bed time, the time I wrote was the time I turned the light out – it didn’t record the period of time I was lying in bed before (usually reading). I also noticed, that when I started back at work (3 hours), pilates (1 hour) and riding (45 minutes with plenty of breaks and riding with aides), I wasn’t able to keep up with the walking.

My physio was very happy with my progress and feels that GET (Graded Exercise Therapy) is working. However, I am not so sure it is!! I feel that having a set routine and understanding how far I should push myself as allowed me to stay more balanced and ensured I don’t crash.

She has set me seven new targets:

  • Bed 9.30pm – no later than 10pm and no earlier than 8.30pm
  • Wake 7.30am – no later than 8am
  • Stretches – carry on with my arm and leg stretches
  • Walking 20 minutes for the first week on Monday, Friday and Sunday (then 23 minutes week two, 27 minutes week three and 30 minutes week four).
  • Work on Tuesday and Thursday (3 hours each day)
  • Riding on Saturday (45 minutes with plenty of rests and riding with aides)
  • Pilates on Wednesday (60 minutes)

I feel that I’ll be able to achieve all the targets fairly easily, except from the walking. I have just been out for my first morning of my walking, and didn’t find it too bad but I have been resting this weekend. I will now have some kind of activity every day: Monday walk, Tuesday work, Wednesday pilates, Thursday work, Friday walk, Saturday riding and Sunday walk.

I also have to start thinking about goals that I want to achieve. I don’t think I want to increase my work hours as I don’t feel that it would be sustainable at this moment in time. I am considering volunteering at a library – this would mean less pressure and they wouldn’t be as reliant of me turning up in case I am unwell. I also plan on posting on my blog two days a week rather than one and pushing myself socially to attend more events (I already have a few planned this year).

I was given a spare blank sheet of my goals and thought I would put a copy here in case anybody wants it, but please seek medical advice – I don’t want anyone to be unwell and I am not a medical professional AT ALL!!!

I have one more appointment at the beginning of March booked; my physio did think that this could possibly be my last appointment as I have the skills to introduce more activity myself and she feels that I understand my boundaries better and have a good set routine.

Thank you for reading – what are your thoughts on GET? I don’t feel that it has particularly helped me, it is more the set routine that has helped.


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