ME/CFS diary 4: Follow-up physio appointment

On the 6th December, I went to my follow-up physio appointment (appointment number 2 with the physio) to discuss any changes I had and to talk through my activity diary.

My activity diary tracked what I did for every hour of the day, the time I went to bed, the time I went to sleep, and how many hours of sleep I had the night before.  I found it a very useful tool.  I’m able to do some level of activity and I found that I was grouping all of my activity together (pink highlighting) and having long periods of rest (green highlighting) as a result.  She suggested that if you’re going to do an hour slot of activity (such as dusting), you have a slot of rest, before doing another hour slot of activity.  Where as, I would do an hour slot of dusting, an hour of slot of blog post writing, an hour slot of making a cake and then spending the rest of the day on the sofa.

She also told me of a very interesting pattern with sleep.  I would find (and she confirmed this) that I would struggle to fall asleep two or three nights after doing intense activity (such as going to work).  In theory, you are meant to try and elminate that increased activity level.

She was very happy with my progress and doesn’t want to see me again until the end of January.  I have been given some homework to do: I have to wake up at 7.30am everyday, and go to bed at 9.30pm every night.  I have a sheet that tracks this where I have to put a tick in the box if I completed it.  I also have to carry on with my stretches, as I did find that they helped to reduce the tingling in my arms.  I also have to start to increase my activity levels.  Every day (or every day I can manage), I have to go for a walk for a set period of time.  For the first week it was 10 minutes, second week 12 minutes (the reason there are two 12 minute weeks in the photo below is because that is Christmas week), third week 14 minutes, fourth week 17 minutes, fifth week 20 minutes, sixth week 23 minutes, seventh week 27 minutes.  If I find that I am unable to do them, I just have to stop at that set length of time and carry on with the time that I was comfortable at.  On writing this post, I am on the 12 minute walk and am finding it okay at the moment.


I have included images of my trackers that I am describing to help explain my points.  If you think it might be useful to use yourself, please remember I am not a medical professional and to seek medical advice.

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