Lock & Lock eco containers + soup recipe

I was very kindly sent from Lock & Lock their eco food storage containers.  They are made from 100% food grade waste plastic.  I am a big advocate for reusing items that would normally go to waste and for being more environmentally aware.

They use (hygienic) offcuts, trims, rejects, overruns, surplus and redundant stock to make their eco range.  Previously, this would have been sold to producers of single-use plastics which would have likely to have ended up in landfill or the oceans.  This means they are all unique in colour as they have a unique mixture of different plastic colours to make them up.  They are unique in colour but green in principle.

On the back of the press release, they had some facts which shocked me so I thought I would share them with you here:

  • 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging generated every year by UK supermarkets.
  • 450 years is the length of time it takes some plastic to decompose
  • 13 billion plastic carrier bags used in the UK each year
  • 90% of marine animals have eaten plastic
  • 16 million plastic bottles disposed of every day in the UK
  • 46,000 pieces of plastic believed to be in every square mile of the ocean
  • 100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement
  • 5 million tonnes of plastic waste generated annually in the UK

 The eco range is available at Lakeland, Ocado, Fenwick, Steamer Trading Cookshop and Blue Diamond Garden Living Centres.  Prices start from £2.25 for a 350ml rectangular container.

Soup Recipe
For the soup, we used lots of veggies we had lying around from Christmas still. We used one bag of soffritto vegetables we found in Waitrose on Christmas eve reduced to 35p, half a butternut squash we had leftover that my grandparents gave us from their allotment, two chicken Knorr stock cubes, leftover sweetcorn we had in the freezer, mild curry powder to taste, frozen spinach we had leftover and a dash of Biona Worcester sauce. We put this all on a low heat on the hob, and let it simmer down for quite some time. Once it had all become rather squishy, we blended it into a smooth consistency. That’s our soup! We just added whatever we had leftover that we though would taste nice!

What are your favourite uses of Tupperware containers? We even put our sliced limes in on Christmas day ready for our drinks!


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