Easy Toast Pizza (GF)

I am a big fan of pizza, however, I started to get annoyed at the amount of packaging on shop bought ones. One day, we didn’t have any pizza in the house, had a lot of leftovers so thought we would get creative – now, toast pizza is a firm favourite in my house!

It is really simple to make and so easily adaptable depending on what you have available.

Firstly, you’ll need your bread of choice – I have tried lots of different types, and found that they all work pretty much the same. You can lightly toast the bread beforehand (this is optional, and I would only do it sometimes).

Next, slice your cheese and place on top. If you want, you could add a bit of mustard underneath your cheese! In the first photo I used Wyke’s Cheese which you can find in most supermarkets (any cheese will do). In the below photo, I used mozerella – it did work well but made it slightly harder to eat!

Now the fun bit – the toppings!! You can add whatever you have/want. I have used peppers, onion, tomatoes, and purple sprouting before – just add your preference.

Now, place under the grill. You have to watch it closely as it will suddenly be done and can very quickly burn. It usually takes under 5 minutes.

I really hope you enjoy my Toast Pizza, if you do make it, please send me your photos!


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