Creative Nature Chia & Mulberry Muffin Mix review

I am a big fan of Creative Nature‘s cake mixes, I have tried both the chia & cacao chocolate chip brownie mix as well as the chia & mulberry muffin mix.  I always find them so easy to make and they taste so so delicious!!

Here’s my review of the chia and mulberry muffin mix – I used the vegan recipe this time but last time I made them with the other recipe.  They’re both delicious!  (I have made these muffins so many times and they’re honestly amazing!)

For the vegan recipe, all you need is two ripe bananas mashed, 200g of dairy free butter and 1tsp of vanilla essence.  So simple, all you do is add it all into the bowl and add the mix, give it a stir and pop into the oven for 20-25 minutes.  Done!  

It was so easy to make, they always are!  And of course, it tasted delicious.  It was very filling and it tastes very good.  Everyone enjoyed them, both the coeliacs and the non-coeliacs.  The texture was also very good (with both the vegan and non-vegan recipe) which I can sometimes fine is a problem with gluten free cakes.

As well as being gluten free, they’re also dairy free (as long as you add dairy free butter), nut free, refined sugar free, organic and can be easily made vegan.  I love that they’re inclusive of so many diets, it makes them suitable for so many more people – you cannot taste than anything is missing!

If you want to try Creative Nature for yourself, they’re sold on their website, in Asda, in the Co-op, in Sainsbury’s, on Ocado or in the Soured Market.

Creative Nature have also just released two new baking mixes: Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix and Wholegrain Banana Bread Mix.  They are available at Asda and Sainsbury’s as well as being available on their website or any shows they are visiting.  


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