CFS/ME diary 3 – First Physio Appointment

Make sure you are up to date on this series, to ensure this post is in context.  My previous post can be found here.

My appointment was on the 13th of November 2018.

I went into this appointment not really knowing what to expect.  I knew I was meeting the physio but didn’t know what we would be discussing.  My appointment lasted for around 1 hour.

Before my actual appointment, I received a letter in the post with a link for an online questionnaire to be completed before this appointment.  It asked about my health and how it affects my day-to-day life and I had to rate questions on a scale.  This took around 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

I went into the room, and took my mum in with me as I didn’t want to forget anything and I felt more comfortable with her there.

The physio went through some questions on what I experience symptoms wise, and what activities I do now.  She wanted to know details of my day-to-day and my weekly routine.  This helped to give her an overall view of my life and what I struggle with, in terms of management.

She noticed that I am not very good at managing my CFS/ME and tend to go in a cycle of boom and bust – I do a lot of activity and then have to rest for a long time, and then I repeat it!  She wants a steady level of activity, which I can slowly increase (with the help of her). This was a real eye opener for myself and my mum and something I have been working on massively since.  I do struggle, as I want to do everything all at once, but instead, now, I have broken them down into smaller tasks and it is definitley helping and I’m able to do activities on more days now.

A lot of the meeting was discussing what I have been doing and realising that I have been pushing myself far too much!  Little and often is much better than big and then nothing for a week!

Also, we went through my answers for my questionnaire which highlighted important areas to cover.  My most important area was sleep for me which we will be focusing on in future appointments.  She also said that she will be writing to my GP and may recommend some tablets to help me sleep, but it is up to me whether I take them – I will be researching this further.

I went away with some tasks set to do – almost like homework!  I have exercises to do every day to help ensure my muscles are working and one to help stop pins & needles that I experience randomly in my arms.  I am also filling out a fortnight-long hourly activity log which also tracks my sleep.  I have found with this, it has really made me aware on how much activity I would do in one go and then crash for a long period afterwards – it is very eye opening!  We will then be discussing and going through my activity log to see where I can improve it further.

I went away with lots of information and a lot to think about.  It definitley made me think and reconsider my actions.  I have another appointment booked for the start of December.  I, of course, will be documenting that appointment too.

ME Association is a really good resource for advice.  If you want to buy the badges and pen pictured, they’re from Stickman Communications.

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