Bahlsen Zoo Imagination Halloween Decorating

I was kindly sent from Bahlsen, their gluten free and lactose free Zoo Imagination and was challenged to get creative and give them a Halloween makeover!

Inside the Zoo Imagination packet are lots of different creatures, including: unicorns, a dragon, a mermaid, a bird, a gnome as well as some others too!

I had so much fun decorating these – I used squeezy icing which you can buy in most supermarkets (I bought this set from Tesco and I was gifted a white one).  I was also given edible glitter to decorate with.  I have never used edible glitter before and it was a lot of fun to work with!  It was a tad messy and took a bit of getting used to but turns out amazingly – I found the best application method is by using a spoon!  The glitter I used was from Magic Sparkles.

As you can see, I decorated on a separate plate as I did spill a lot of glitter!!  It was really easy to clean away though, as the glitter almost dissolves – it doesn’t act like normal glitter which is just impossible to clean!

I found it really fun to decorate and think it would be suitable for all to give it a go.  You can make them scary, or not so scary (like mine!), but the best part is that you can eat them in the end!!

You can find all the details about Zoo Imagination on their website, as well as buying them at Tesco for £1.79, Ocado for £1.79 or at Morrisons for £2.

If you create these yourself, don’t forget to tag me on social media as well as Bahlsen.  I’m really excited to see your creations.  If you want to have a go yourself, I will be running a giveaway on Instagram (UK only) to win a packet of the Zoo Imagination as well as the Bahlsen toy so make sure your following to get notified when I post it!

Please note, I was sent this product from the brand but had no obligation to post.  I am not being paid for this post and all opinions are my own!


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