Alternatives to Prescriptions Trialed in Wales

I saw in Coeliac UK‘s Autumn Crossed Grain Magazine (free with membership) how in Wales, they are trailing an alternative scheme to prescriptions where participants have a Mastercard style chip and pin card which provides a subsidy for gluten free food.

The card can only be used on gluten free food purchases but allows you to have a much greater choice of the shops you buy the gluten free food from and the products you purchase.

My thoughts
I love this idea!  Personally I don’t get gluten free prescriptions as I don’t find the products that good at all, there is a lot better quality in the supermarkets.
Also, it is a postcode lottery on whether you are eligible for prescriptions or not.  I don’t think this is fair as it isn’t based on income, only your county.
I really like the idea that you can buy any gluten free products which gives you more control.  I don’t go through pasta very quickly, for example, and I prefer to buy my bread fresh than get it out of the freezer.  This scheme would allow me to do this.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in Wales so am not part of the trial!!  I will definitely be following this scheme as I’m really interested to see the results of the study and if they found it was successful.

What are your thoughts?  Would you prefer this to a prescription?


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