Green Sisters Samosas & Onion Bhajis

In June, I was lucky enough to go to my first ever gluten free show – Coeliac UK‘s 50th birthday food fair in Reading.  Before I went, I had a look at the planned exhibitors and made a mental list of the stands I really wanted to visit, and this was one of them – Green Sisters.

I bought 3 onion bhajis, 3 samosa licious (mild) and 3 veggie licious (medium spiced) to try.  I took a cool bag with ice packs in as I knew I was going to be stocking up on some of my favourites that must be kept cool, so I took these home to try.

I warmed them up in the oven for about 10 minutes on 160c on a plate on Sunday evening.  I had one of each, my mum (who is also gluten free) had one of each and my dad (who eats gluten and thinks he hates everything gluten free!) had one of each too.

First off I tried the samosa licious which is the mildest of the three samosas they were selling at the Coeliac UK Reading gluten free food show (I didn’t buy the hottest as I don’t do well with heat!!).  It was mild and is given flavour with pepper which doesn’t make it too hot. 

Next, I tried the veggie licious which were medium spiced samosas.  They are spiced with chilis and I did find it a little too spicy for me (but I am heat adverse!).  My dad enjoyed my extra one too and my mum also loved hers.  They said how full of flavour it was once again.

Finally, I tried the onion bhajis and was AMAZED!  They tasted amazing!!  These were demolished very quickly and are definitely on my list for next time.  I couldn’t get over how delicious they tasted.

I think we have converted my dad as he couldn’t stop saying how yummy he found them!  They were enjoyed by both the coeliacs in the family and the non-coeliacs.  They were something we were really missing since having to go gluten free, so I am very glad to have found a supplier now.  They do home delivery as well as being at lots of events throughout the year.

They are all handmade and free from 14 allergens!!  The owner I met was also so lovely which I always thinks makes the food taste that little bit better.  I’ve seen people raving about these on social media and I can now see why.  I met Gluten Free Alice at the event and she recommended to try some, which I of course did!

Do let me know if you’ve tried Green Sisters before, or if you are planning on trying them now!  I always love to hear your reviews and opinions!  


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