GingerNut Afternoon Tea

Steph from GingerNut very kindly sent  her new Afternoon Tea box to try.  They get delivered straight to your door – how convenient?!  Everything is gluten free, dairy free and soya free meaning there is no risk of cross contamination here!  I was very impressed but here is my full review!

When the delivery arrives, it is wrapped very well.  It all comes in a box which is covered with bubble wrap.  Within this bubble wrap, is another box which has the cakes in.  The cakes are all individually wrapped and it also comes with an ingredients card.  If you want to watch me unbox my Afternoon Tea delivery, you can see it on my Facebook page or saved on my Instagram highlights.

Steph has a gluten and dairy intolerance so knows our needs completely!  She has a five star rated kitchen, uses free range eggs, uses high quality ingredients that are organic wherever possible.  Also the boxes, packaging and bubble wrap is all recyclable – how amazing!

First off, I tried Victoria Sponge.  It was delicious!  It has a lemony taste, which I believe comes from the filling.  It is a subtle flavour but in my opinion, completely makes the cake.  It was light and fluffy in texture, as well as tasting very yummy!

Secondly, I had the Vegan Millionaire Slice.  I have been lucky enough to try this one previously, and once again, it didn’t disappoint.  I always love having a millionaire slice as it isn’t something I have often, a real treat!  The base is a really good texture and I love the caramel / chocolate topping.

I then tried the Raw Vegan Mocha Oat Bar which I had also previously tried before.  I think this one may be my favourite!  I find it so filling and completely love the taste.  I don’t normally like mocha flavoured food but I didn’t find this one too overpowering or strong so this is perfect for me!  I also find it quite filling which I do always like.

Finally, I ate the Chocolate Orange Brownie.  This was completely new to me and it was DELICIOUS!  I didn’t find the orange too overpowering (which is a common problem I do find) and I loved the orange rind on top, such a nice touch.  The texture is, once again, perfect and was really yummy.

As you can see, I am a big fan of the products – no complaints here!  The products are available online, they will all be delivered to your door by Royal Mail.

The Afternoon Tea £15

Biscotti Box: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Ginger £12.50

Biscotti Box: Hazelnut, Coffee Bean and Orange £12.50

Biscotti Box: Simply Almond £12.50

I have been lucky enough to try the Simple Almond Biscotti before and it is hands down AMAZING!  So delicious and I would really recommend.  I loved dipping it in milk!!

I shared my cakes with my mum, we had half each.  The portions are so BIG so definitely value for money!

As well as be able to buy these products online, Steph also sells her products in local shops in Bournemouth, Ashely Cross & Swanage, Southbourne, Wimbourne, Lymington.  She also goes to events, so check out her events page (she’s going to a few Coeliac UK Food Fairs!).  As well as being at Lymington Market every Saturday.

Thank you to Steph for letting me try her amazing new Afternoon Tea box, do let me know if any of you try it or have tried any of Steph’s products previously.  


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